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Snatch Blocks

We design and manufacture a full range of snatch blocks and sheave blocks for lifting, rigging and recovery operations. We can also provide a custom snatch block and advice for all your rigging and lifting equipment requirements..

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Can my block swivel under load?

Can my block swivel under load?

Many blocks have head fittings that can swivel. The standard issue head fitting in most cases is not fitted with a thrust bearing of any kind. These swivel head fittings are designed to allow alignment and proper positioning of blocks during take up only. Do not intentionally swivel a load about a head fitting without a proper bearing, the result will increase wear and possible unscrewing and detaching of the head fitting under load.

To check for the presence of a thrust bearing simply look between the bow and the head fitting nut. A roller bearing should be obvious if a bearing is present. If you are in any doubt call Nobles quoting the test number and we can make a determination based on our records.

Custom Blocks

Custom Blocks


In addition to our standard range of blocks and swivels Nobles can design, manufacture and proof test custom made application specific blocks on request. All of our blocks are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

Varying capacities and configurations are available and blocks up to 1,000 tonne proof load testing capacity can be manufactured.
Numerous combinations of sheaves, head fittings, beckets, hooks and side plates can be supplied as required.

Custom made blocks have been designed and manufactured for a wide range of applications including crane fall blocks, traditional lifting snatch blocks and recovery blocks. Nobles blocks are extremely durable and will provide a long service life even in the most arduous conditions.

Custom blocks - Image 1

This fall block for an offshore crane was designed, manufactured and tested to marine specifications and has special features such as some stainless steel components and marine paint. It was also Lloyd's certified.

Custom blocks - Image 2

This crane fall block was for a special application in a smelter and is used for handling hot metal. The block was designed in such a way that it could accommodate the small amount of headroom that was available and is constructed to withstand the extreme environment of the smelter.