Salalift II Series Winch

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  • Easy Operation; the Salalift® II is manually operated, simply rotate the handle to raise or lower personnel or materials.
  • Gear ratio is 6:1 with an average lifting speed of 0.06m/sec. (no power source is required)
  • Lightweight Design; 15.9 - 16.8 kg depending upon model for ease of use
  • Quick-Mount System; incorporates a quick-mount bracket which mates with a bracket on all DBI-SALA support structures
  • Free-Wheel Mode; an operator activated free wheel mode allows the drum to rotate and cable to pay-out freely
  • Built-In Fall Protection; The free-wheel mode has a built-in over speed brake with energy absorbing capacity
  • Overload Clutch; a built-in overload clutch automatically slips to prevent severe overloading or damage.
  • Complete with impact indicating snap hook enabling user to visually check to see if device has been impact loaded
  • Standards - OSHA, ANSI Z359.1 and ANSI A10.14


Lightweight, easy to deploy


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Stock Code
Stock CodeDescription
with 18m x 6mm cable
with 36m x 5mm cable
with 27m x 5mm cable

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