Onshore Manrider Air Winches

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The current design of Force 5 Man Rider air winches has been extended to meet the requirements of the American National Standard, ANSI/ASME A10.22-1990 for "Rope-Guided and Non-guided Worker's Hoists - Safety Requirements."

Man Rider winches when incorporated into a lifting system as prescribed in the Standard, or by local regulations, are suitable for lifting and lowering people. They are also rated for lifting material without people.

Since this design is to a recognised ANSI/ASME standard, these Man Rider air winches address OSHA requirements where applicable. IR engineering and manufacturing expertise plus third party Type Approval by the American Bureau of Shipping is your assurance of quality, dependability and conformity.

Standard features

  • All ANSI/ASME Standard Man Riders carry the designation "MRA - Man Rider, ANSI/ASME" in the model code.
  • Battery powered line speed monitor and 120 volt charger
  • Display and battery charger enclosures conform to NEMA 13 and JIC standard EGP-1-1967
  • Electrical grounding lug
  • Dual drum brakes: one automatic and one manual
  • Automatic spring return "lift & shift" double action throttle lever prevents accidental starts
  • Dual rated at 8:1 design factor for personnel lifting and 5:1 design factor for utility lifting
  • Up and down limit switches are easily adjusted and locked to prevent overtravel
  • Exhaust manifold, ten feet of exhaust hose and muffler are included to keep sound levels below 90 dBA
  • Owner's manual and ANSI/ASME Standard included in weatherproof box attached to winch
  • Test certificate verifying performance and required brake holding capacity



  • Different drum lengths
  • Remote pilot pendant with overspeed warning light
  • Disc brake
  • Grooved drum
  • Drum guard
  • Corrosion resistant marine grade coating system: sandblast to white metal finish and carbozinc primer with a Marine 812 finish
  • "Electric-Over-Air" controls for extended remote control operation
1t to 2t capacity