Ingersoll-Rand ARO 7700 Air Hoist

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<p> &nbsp;</p> <h4> Continuous Heavy-Duty Applications</h4> <p> 7700 Series Link Chain hoists have been designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial applications where loads vary between 250 kg and 1 tonne. Simple, rugged, and reliable, these hoists are constructed with few moving parts, for easy repairs and less down time.<br /> <br /> 7700 Series hoists come complete with 3m of standard lift and either 1.8m of pendant control or 1.8m of pull chain control.</p> <h4> ARO 7700 Series Features</h4> <ul> <li> Exceptional slow-speed control provides superior spotting characteristics and ability to confidently &quot;inch&quot; loads into position.</li> <li> Ideal for high duty cycles and when operating loads are near maximum capacity.</li> <li> Powerful, self-cooling rotary motors keep ARO hoists at peak performance in high temperature situations.</li> <li> Pendant or pull chain control responds immediately to operator&#39;s commands.</li> <li> Brake control easily adjusts to meet specific load ranges.</li> <li> Motor and gearing provides faster lift speeds with low air consumption.</li> <li> Compared to roller chain, link chain lasts longer, handles heavier loads, and is better for high duty cycles.</li> </ul> <p> &nbsp;</p>
125kg - 1,000kg lifting capacity