Ingersoll-Rand ARO 7790 Air Hoist

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Continuous Heavy-Duty Applications

7790 Series Link Chain hoists are ARO's most powerful units. The larger motor and increased horsepower provide greater operational speeds and productivity in the 1 tonne and single-fall and 2 tonne double fall ranges. A key advantage of single fall operation is that both longer lifts and chain storage become easier to manage. Built with the same high-quality construction as the 7700 Series, these hoists also require fewer repairs with less down time.

7790 Series hoists come complete with 3m of standard lift and 1.8m of pendant control.

ARO 7790 Series Features

  • Larger motor and gearing provides increased horsepower for faster lift speeds.
  • Larger link chain - 8mm diameter compared to 6mm diameter on 7700 hoists - accommodates larger loads with longer chain life.
  • Headroom advantage in 1 tonne capacities.
  • Pull Chain or pendant control provides superior spotting characteristics and the ability to confidently "inch" loads into position.
  • External brake adjustment easily customises the "sensitivity" of the hoist to the load range for any application.
  • Suitable for applications and environments that require clean air. Exhaust can be piped away and the two stage filtration system removes foreign matter from air supplies so that motors can operate at peak performance for longer operating lives.


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