Nitchi MH-5 Electric Chain Hoist

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The Model MH-5 Series is a premium quality electric chain hoist that is designed especially to fulfil the most arduous demands of industry. A multitude of special heavy-duty features are built into the MH-5 Series for extra efficiency, dependability, durability and safety.

Heavy Duty Motor

The special heavy duty, high performance motors in the MH-5 series (single speed) have 30 minute ratings and Class B insulation for severe use in heavy duty applications.

Electromagnetic Brake

This powered brake system responds instanly and provides dependable positive braking power. An extremely long service life has been acheived with the use of non-asbestos brake linings.

Steel Construction

The main frame consists of two rugged steel plates that will provide maximum protection against dynamic loads. Castings that are able to crack or break have not been employed in the main frame.

Ultra-Tough Load Chains

The Nitchi case hardened load chains are made from special alloy steel and are given super-tough carbonised hard surfaces that resist abrasion several times longer than conventional through hardened load chains. The soft core section gives the load chain the elasticity that is essential for material lifting equipment. Every link of load chain is proof load tested and a record is kept of each batch at the Nich factory.

Forged Steel Hooks

The top and bottom hooks on all hoists are made from drop forged steel that is heat treated for greater strength. Every bottom hook is equipped with a thrust bearing for smooth rotation and has a safety latch for smooth rotation.

Oil Bath Lubrication

As in all types of high quality machinery, the MH-5 series uses an oil bath lubrication system. The continuous bath of oil lubricates the reductoion gear system and acts as a coolant for the mechanical brake.

Antiphase Protection Relays

The relay prevents damage to the hoist caused by misconnections (negative phase connections) of the power source wires.

First Stage Helical Gearing

The precision helical gears in the first stage of the reduction gear system largely reduce gear tooth impact and operating vibrations. This is one of the main reasons for the quiet, long, dependable life of the EC-4 series.

Push Button Switch

The strong, lightweight push button switch responds immediately to a light touch of the button.

Mechanical Brake

The very reliable machnanical brake works in cooperation with the electromagnetic brake and holds suspended loads at any point.

Wide Selection

NITCHI offers a range of MH-5 electric chain hoists with standard capacities ranging from 0.5 tonne to 50 tonne WLL. They are available in a wide variety of configurations to cope with nearly all material handling requirements. The MH-5 series can be used independently as a suspended type electric chain hoist or as an electric chain hoist directly coupled to a push or motorised trolley. The lifting speed can be selected between single speed and 2 speed whichever most adequately fulfils your requirements for increasing productivity. Nobles stock the MH-5 in 3 and 5 tonne capacities.

Increased Durability

Durability is one of the main features Nitchi is able to boast about. The MH-5 Series is designed and made to the Grade M4 and M5 durability standards of the Japanese Industrial Standard and complies with AS 1418.2.

Heavy Duty Rating

A high duty rating is essential for fulfilling the demanding work cycles that are required for production in industry. The 40% ED rating the MH-5 (single speed) is sufficient for almost all heavy duty industrial applications.

Dual Braking System

Two completely independent brakes not only reduce the possibility of brake failure, but also increase the braking surface and contribute to the dissipation of heat generated by repeated braking.

Short Headroom

The ingeniously designed compact construction of the MH-5 makes it extremely compact and allows the highest possible lift to be obtained.

24-Volt Control

The low 24-Volt control protects the operator from harmful electrical shocks.

Easy Servicing

The robust pressed steel design simplifies the maintenance and the replacement of components.

Overload Protection (Available as an option)

This is a special device for additional safety to operators, hoists and the load. When a load that is greater than the setting of the overload protection is applied, the hoist will stop automatically and prevent the load from being hoisted.

NN Case Hardened Chain

This is a series of NITCHI case hardened chains with a special non-electrolytic nickel plating that is fused into the material of the chains. This special plating does not affect the original features of the chains and will not peal off like conventional surface plated chains. The NN casehardened chains have outstanding characteristics in resisting corrosion.

The heavy duty industrial hoist


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Stock CodeWLL (tonnes)Lift Height (m)Fast Lift Speed (m/min)Fast Motor Output (kW@50Hz)Min RatingChain Size (mm)Number of FallsMinimum Headroom (mm)A (mm)B (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)P (mm)Q (mm)S (mm)Weight Each (Kg)

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