Loadmate Loadlinks

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Loadmate Loadlinks

This Load Link is a combination of a sound and proven design, with todays advanced electronics to provide a superb feature set. It is versatile, reliable, accurate and easy to operate.


  • New Larger digits on the display
  • Fits with standard Shackles
  • Small/compact easy to use and carry
  • Low poer consumption design


Display                                        Digit height 22mm -total screen size 39mm high

Increments                                 2000kg type = 1 kg , 5000kg type = 2kg

Stable Time                                <10 seconds

Auto Zero Range                       +/- 20% full scale (at power up)

Stable Time                                +/- 2% full scale

Manual Zero Range                   +/- 2% full scale

Tare Range                                   Full capacity

Overload Indication                    100% full scale

Maximum Safe Load                  120% full scale

Ultimate Safe Load                      400% full scale

Batteries                                        3 x AA (included)

Battery Voltage                             Indicated on the display on power up/down

Battery Life                                    >300 hours

Operating Temperature              -10 degrees C to + 40degrees C

Humidity                                         <= 90% at  20 degrees C

Display functions                          Load/Weight, Hold, Tare and Peak Load

For Stock codes and capacity rates please see product sheet.

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