Overhead Crane Safety Systems

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Standard system includes:
Tension Plate Cell, 57mm 4 Digit LED Display with 2 set points, Power Supply is 240 VAC.

Other options available for Nobles overhead crane systems include larger LED displays, remote tare, visual alarm (strobe), audible alarm, other system requirements on request.
Load cell pins can also be used on the equalising sheave instead of a plate cell on the dead end.

Nobles Overhead Crane Safety Systems feature:

  • Modular design to suit all types of overhead cranes
  • Standard and custom built load cells
  • Motion cut
  • IP65 rated
  • Site adjustable trip points

To calculate load cell capacity in a dead end system:
Divide WLL of crane by number of falls = Capacity of plate cell required at dead end.

Available Options

Angle Limiter

  • Stop side pull on your overhead crane hook block and load
  • Limits side pull to a nominal 15¢ª
  • Reduce rope guide repairs and costly rope wear on your overhead crane

Overload Protection

  • Stop overloading of your overhead crane
  • Reduce rope breakages, costly downtime, maintenance and repairs
  • Improve safety in your work place
  • May also be used for slack rope detection


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