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In many lifting applications the determination and presentation of the load on the hook is an important contribution to safety and productivity.

The Loadwise Tensiometer load indicator will provide information to the driver regarding the status of the load.

In the case of transportation of load on public road, rail or waterways an overload could lead to incalculable consequential damage and resultant costs. Only the knowledge of the actual load will enable the transport to be sensibly rationalised.

The Tensiometer, which in most cases is mounted on the main boom of a hydraulic or lattice boom crane, consists of three sheaves which deflect the rope slightly. The resultant force is transmitted to an electronic tension load cell.

The side frames of the Tensiometer consist of alloy steel. The roller bearing rope sheaves with their hardened steel running surfaces are a relatively large diameter to conserve the rope.

For cranes where the rope drum is not mounted directly on the main boom, the Tensiometer can be flexibly suspended. This application extends the applications of the load measuring unit considerably.

Technical Specifications of Tensiometer

  • Temperature tolerance 0.03% / ˚C
  • Temperature range -10˚C to +65˚C
  • System accuracy is better than 3%
  • Power source 12/24 VDC (voltage converters available for all power sources)


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