Launched their Riggers Handbook 2020 edition, fully revised and updated with the latest and most relevant information on lifting and rigging equipment including basic dimensions, specifications, inspection before use and care in use information. In addition to information about Nobles range of products and services, Nobles Riggers Handbook includes related Australian Standards information such as methods of lifting, minimum breaking load tables and sling Working Load Limit (WLL) charts.  

Nobles formed a new long-term strategic alliance with ATOM, who appointed Nobles as their exclusive supply partner of lifting & rigging products for resale through their Industrial & Safety Walkthrough Warehouses throughout Australia. The alliance brings improved customer access and cost benefits to both companies to enable better sales support, greater product range and availability and improved regional service to both ATOM and Nobles customers nation-wide.


Launched Onsite Service that offers customers lifting & rigging inspections, testing, immediate repair and instant certification onsite. Certificates are provided electronically within one business day and certification is fully integrated into our new Tech-Inspect equipment register.

Launched NOBLE10™, Nobles Grade 100 chain lifting system. Stronger and lighter without the premium price tag, the NOBLE10™ range of chain slings are manufactured to Australian Standards and strenuously tested by industry's trusted lifting and rigging specialists - Nobles.

Re-launched Tech-Inspect to include a range of advanced features including more accurate data, better quality control checks and real time status updates. As well as the new portal allowing users to manage, track and locate equipment whilst also providing quick access to status, inspection and servicing reports, certificates and information.



Launched their RIGGERS-MATE App which is a 24/7 electronic pocket guide for all your lifting calculations, equipment and advice. The App makes it easy for you to make lifting sling load/size/angle calculations based on Australian Standards without the need for anything other than your phone or tablet.

Launched their Industry-First Customer Promise to provide better service, turnaround times and products range.

Launched their Smarter Lifting industry alerts which provide subscribers with globally sourced best practice knowledge, the latest lifting and rigging solutions in the form of case studies, briefing articles and guides to ensure you are up to date with the latest in safety, technology and compliance.


Launched their online store which is fully integrated into their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, to provide automated order fulfilment and payment.


New management team employed to turn the company around after some challenging years following the end of the mining boom.




Nobles launch the first digital mobile asset management system - Tech-Inspect.


Nobles took over the lifting gear operations of Spear & Jackson in Brisbane and Sydney.



The increased requirement for larger lifting gear saw Nobles build a 2,500-tonne swaging press to manufacture heavy lift slings. A 1,000-tonne capacity test machine was also built and commissioned for the testing of heavy lift slings and associated equipment.



Nobles purchased an engineering business and concentrated on items for the offshore and the mining industries.


The developing offshore industry in Bass Strait saw Nobles commissioned the largest swaging machine and tensile tester (at the time) in Australia. The offshore construction engineers wanted products thoroughly tested, and if necessary, destruction tested. To provide for this need, Nobles built a 3500kN test machine for its Victorian operation.


Talurit manufacturing begins in Melbourne along with tensile testing of wire rope, slings and other lifting gear.


Nobles in Adelaide became the first Australian wire rope supplier to manufacture Talurit mechanically spliced slings.


The company opened in Victoria in 1935, selling foundry equipment.



A. Noble & Son Limited was founded in Adelaide in 1911 and its primary business was importing supplies for the foundry industry. After a trip to Broken Hill by the founder, George Adie Noble, an interest in supplying mining equipment was soon developed. Wire rope was imported from the United Kingdom, which was a basis for Nobles growth.