Partnerships with global leading suppliers

Nobles have close partnerships with a number of local and international quality branded and white-label equipment manufacturers, engineering fabricators and third-party service providers. We are continually developing existing and forming new, supplier partnerships to shorten the supply chain, ensuring value-for-money and introducing new and innovative high-performance product and service ranges.

As part of our product supply strategy, Nobles also directly source ‘value’ products from best-in-class Asian lifting and rigging equipment manufacturers. We personally meet and inspect their factories and systems as well as destruction test samples inhouse before even placing our first order. These products are either own-branded Nobles or come under our well-known private label brands: Rig-Mate, Restraint-Mate, Recovery-Mate and the new NOBLE10TM brand for the first fully Chinese imported ‘value’ range of Grade 100 lifting chain & components, into Australia. This enables shorter, more reliable delivery lead times of high-quality, value-for-money products and services that suit our customers evolving requirements. See selected key supplier/own brands below.

Principal and Major Suppliers






Long term customer partnerships

Nobles is known as Australia’s most trusted lifting and rigging specialist – in fact, 96% of our customers state they trust us to ‘do the right thing’ technically to deliver the highest quality and performance products and services to their business*.

With local stocks of lifting & rigging products and service centres in every mainland state, the ability to preassemble products to your specifications, and provide expert engineering advice and local technical services, Nobles can deliver what you need, where and when you need it, to keep your operations going.

Nobles have over 10,000 customers across Australia and many of our major customer relationships have been ongoing for decades, a testament to our unique capabilities and high level of service and expertise in lifting & rigging.

* Based on Nobles annual customer survey conducted March 2019