Nobles is determined to be Australia's leading specialist supplier of lifting and rigging solutions for our customers heaviest and most complex lifting requirements.

Nobles has gone though many changes over the years to ensure we maintain a sustainable business to continue meeting the changing needs of our customers.  One thing that has not changed is our ongoing commitment to working together as ‘One Nobles’ with our people, our customers and our suppliers. We are focused on being Stronger, Faster and Smarter to provide an unmatched standard of quality, service and maximum value to our customers.

Stronger - Reliability 

We will provide a high-quality premium and value product range, which is always certified and tested to industry standards. We will have a high in-stock availability of core products and ensure we are constantly meeting our promise delivery dates for ordered products. Our service staff and technicians are fully qualified to provide the best non-biased lifting and rigging advice. 

Faster - Responsiveness 

Nobles will ensure that our delivery speed and supply chain efficiency is optimised to ensure that the time between manufacture and dispatch is significantly reduced.  A focus on faster quote turnarounds and price matching decisions will be matched with increased accessibility of our sales functionality.

Smarter - Knowledge 

We will provide complete product and service solutions for all customer’s needs, through our extensive knowledge and deeper understanding of all the lifting and rigging environments throughout Australia. Our specialist lifting and rigging engineers will provide unmatched experience and expertise to solve the most complex solutions. Nobles are at the forefront of lifting and rigging technologies, utilising the latest and most advanced electronics to provide a variety of digital solutions.  

In addition to price, these core criteria form the basis of our competitive offering in the lifting and rigging market. Together they form the memorable brand attributes of Nobles that are underpinned by our One Nobles Values, establishing our desired position as the trusted Lifting & Rigging Specialists in Australia.

One Nobles Values 

Nobles is a values based and driven business, so a genuine affiliation with our Values is essential to join our team.  They focus our behaviours to ensure we all put as much effort into how we collectively achieve a high-performance culture, in addition to what we are achieving.

To promote the importance of our Values, we operate a monthly and annual reward program based on the open nomination of individuals and teams working around the country who demonstrate these values with the winners chosen by management, awarded significant dollar-value gift/travel vouchers.


Safety and Sustainability

Be safe every time and respect our environment

Safety is our number one priority, we take pride in our workplace and care about ourselves and each other. We assess risks before we act, be safety aware and respect the environment by reducing, reusing, renewing and recycling.



Be inventive and resourceful

We are skilful and competent in our technical discipline and strive to be known for our specialist expertise, to allow us to leverage this to create value for customers and the Company. We think outside the square and be bold, challenge the status quo and find new ways to grow our business and always learn and improve. 


Customer Satisfaction

Satisfy customer needs, solve customer problems

We make a quality product and deliver a reliable service, make promises we can keep and keep our promises and make it easy for customers by being flexible and responsive. We create value for both our customers and ourselves by leveraging our lifting expertise to develop the best solution to meet customer needs. 



Treat the business as if its your own

We take responsibility for our decisions and actions, follow procedures and act with a sense of urgency. We are accountable for performance and manage costs rigorously to deliver strong financial outcomes for the company.



Help each other succeed

We always work together as a team, recognise and respect others and appreciate others’ successes by being open minded and humble. We always have a “can do” attitude and demonstrate a willingness to change. 



Do the right thing, security and confidentiality

We say what we mean and do what we say. We strive to be honest, trustworthy, respectful, transparent and ethical in all our dealings. We protect our customer data and confidential information provided with the highest levels of security and confidentiality.