Nobles leading lifting equipment asset management system is now even better.

Trying to manage a large inventory of lifting equipment can be challenging, especially when it comes time to service and ensure compliance. Poorly managed records not only increase your risk of incident or workplace injury, you could also fail to meet the requirements within Australian Standards and workplace health and safety regulations.

Managing your assets across multiple sites and locations within your organisation is easy with our recently relaunched Tech-Inspect asset management system. Our new Tech-Inspect customer portal can help you manage, track and locate your equipment whilst also providing quick access to status, inspection and servicing reports, certificates and information.

We currently manage over 1,500 active clients and track over 400,000 pieces of lifting and rigging equipment across 3,600 sites. Everything from chain slings, chain blocks and lever hoists, to spreader bars, lifting beams, lashing points and height safety fixtures. 

If you want to increase productivity, ensure your equipment is always compliant and be able to access all your equipment records and reports anywhere, anytime – Nobles Tech-Inspect is the digital solution for you.


Manage Your Assets

Nobles Tech-Inspect provides you with all the information on your lifting assets in one secure place online. The Tech-Inspect customer portal allows you to manage and track your assets, letting you know how many you have, where they are, when they were last inspected and tested and whether they are in a safe and serviceable condition. Now you can also move assets from one location to another within your site, add your internal reference ID’s, download their inspection history in multiple formats, attach your own certificates to assets and personalise your own dashboard.

All new gear is added to your register as it is purchased from Nobles, making Tech-Inspect a perfect solution for businesses with large scale assets. You can access the Tech-Inspect portal from any computer or device and view equipment registers and summary reports wherever you are.


Efficient Inspection Scheduling

Maintaining compliance can sometimes be difficult, but Nobles service and inspection alerts ensure nothing gets overlooked. You will not only receive a notification when a service is due but you will also receive an automatic reminder email the week prior to your scheduled inspection. This structured program allows Nobles to plan, schedule and manage jobs as well as allow you to track and access the equipment’s inspection history when you log into the portal.

The new Tech-Inspect Mobile App allows inspections to be completed faster than before, eliminating the need for paper means your equipment can return to service quicker. In some remote locations there can be interruptions to the network but Tech-Inspect is not affected as the offline entry still gets recorded and the results sync to the portal once a connection has re-established. This ensures there is no discrepancy in the information recorded.


Realtime Reporting

Inspection, testing and servicing reports and certificates are uploaded as they are created, providing a body of evidence that service and inspections have been completed and are up to date. You will also receive email alerts when a “failed item report” has been created by a technician upon completion of a job. All previous and current certificates and reports are stored in the portal allowing for quick access anywhere 24/7. New reports are uploaded within hours of inspection and are safely stored in the online Tech-Inspect customer portal.


Tech-Inspect is a complete lifting equipment data management system, securing all your lifting equipment and information online and provides more accurate data, better quality control checks and real time status updates.