Nobles RIGGERS-MATE is a free sling calculator and lifting guide app for iPhone, iPads and Android devices.

Nobles understands that safety is crucial on every job site, which is why we have released the latest version of our sling calculator and lifting guide - RIGGERS-MATE. Nobles RIGGERS-MATE is your 24/7 electronic pocket guide for all your lifting calculations, equipment and advice. This App calculates the WLL, angle and/or size/dimensions as well as the estimated weight of your load. Calculations are instant, can be done off-line and there are no fees or requests for personal information. Accessible on both smartphones and tablets, so now there’s no excuse not to confirm your calculations before you lift.

Key features include:

  • Calculate the working load limit/size of your wire rope or chain sling* (now including full support for Nobles new Grade 100 offering NOBLE10™)
  • Find the dimensions and included angle of your 2 or 4 leg sling
  • Estimate the weight of your load by material type
  • Review common crane hand and whistle signals
  • Browse Nobles product range and order online^
  • See your inspected product register live online^
  • Access new industry alerts to keep up to date with compliance standards and best practice^
  • See your closest Nobles location and contact us via email or phone.


Newly updated, in late 2019 this App now includes access to our globally sourced “Smarter Lifting” industry alerts^ on Australian Standards, best practice and guidelines as well as newly released products and news, written by our expert team of lifting and rigging specialists. Not only will you have access to these calculators and industry alerts, you also have access to Nobles online store which features a broad range of lifting and rigging equipment from globally sourced quality suppliers.

Our product catalogue is regularly updated to ensure we provide the latest high- performance and quality value products to our customers. All our products are fully supported by local teams of specialists who can assist you with any query you have. You can locate your nearest Nobles location as well as contact our highly qualified and experienced team through email or phone directly through this App.

RIGGERS-MATE is fully integrated with our newly relaunched Tech-Inspect asset management software^, which means you can access all your equipment records instantly. You will have access to reports, certificates, equipment locations and service history so you will never be in doubt about your lifting and rigging equipment.

See the Downloads section on this page for direct links to download the Nobles RIGGERS-MATE app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store from your smart device now.

* Using embedded calculation tables updated to the latest Australian lifting equipment standards AS 3775 (both grade 80 and 100), AS 4497, AS 1353, AS 1666 as at November 2019. ^ Internet access required.