Nobles are known throughout Australia for their custom engineering and have helped solve many difficult and complex lifting challenges for customers from a range of industries including mining, oil & gas, construction and defence. To further enhance our product offering, we have added an economy range of materials handling products that are available for immediate dispatch.

This new product range will bring a variety of benefits to your business, not only is it low cost but it also eliminates unnecessary downtime allowing your business operation to continue on time and within budget. With direct access to substantial stock, Nobles can help keep your business productive, efficient and ensure worker safety with these high quality, high value, ready-made products.

Nobles economy range of materials handling products include the following.

Crane Work Boxes

Crane work boxes have been designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1418.17 for rescue and evacuation on worksites where injured personnel need to be safely evacuated. Work boxes are used to elevate people where it is not practicable to erect scaffolds or use a specially designed device.




Lifting & Spreader Beams

Lifting and spreader beams are designed in a range of capacities and lengths to suit any lifting application required by an overhead crane. Loads can be lifted via the center single hook point as a ‘lifting beam’ or end lifted using a 2 leg chain sling as a ‘spreader beam’.


Cages are designed to safely store and transport loose or packaged goods by crane or forklift. Most come with a fully opening front gate which allows easy load and unload. The range available include goods, picker, brick, gas cylinder stillage and pallet cages.



Platforms are designed for forklift use to safely carry out tasks of short duration and occasional usage, such as maintenance or stock take. Platforms are suitable for up to two people and are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1.


Trolleys are designed for the safe handling of gas cylinders around the work site by forklift, crane or manually wheeled with push handles making it a flexible solution onsites where maneuvering a traditional trolley may be difficult.



Jibs are designed to suit lifting and maintenance requirements in confined spaces. These jibs come complete with a slip-on attachment and safety chain allowing for quick connection to a forklift – saving time. We have short and long reach, tiltable, telescopic, angled, battery lift, hook point and bulk bag jibs available.

Storage Racks

Storage racks are the ideal solution to manage and store rigging equipment such as chains, slings, shackles, hooks and clamps when not in use. Storage racks are designed to help prevent damage and other hazards that may compromise the integrity of your lifting equipment.


Drum Handling

Lifters, dumpers and rotators are designed for the easy handling of standard steel drums and safely placing or rotating them. The drums are gripped by pushing the arms against the drum center and driving the forklift forward. To release, simply lower the drum to the ground and reverse the forklift.


Also available:

Goods Cages

Brick Cage

Forklift Extension Slippers

Drum Lifters

One Person Cages

Concrete Pipe Lifters

Gas Cylinder Stillage Cages

Drum Rotators

Four Person Cage

Bulk Bag Lifters

Pallet Cages



To find out more about the standard economy range of engineered products – please download our brochure!