Nobles electronics division has been designing and manufacturing load cells and load monitoring equipment for over 30 years, providing complete solutions as an industry leader.

Products offered range from off-the-shelf ready to use products, to bespoke designs & engineered load cell/load pin solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Nobles broad product range also includes:

  • Overhead and mobile crane safety systems
  • Weighing/load measuring systems and monitoring/displays
  • ECAM underground mine shaft safety systems
  • Scotload Smartload® product range
  • Static/dynamic wire rope measurement systems
  • Hire systems including:
    • Pad-eye testers
    • 4x50t compression (200t)
    • 6x150t compression (900t)


Bespoke Tension Load Cell

Nobles have a long history of load testing lifting equipment and are amongst the earliest adopters of sling test beds in the world. Our engineering and electronics departments also have a long history of design and manufacture of the testing machines themselves. Like any machine, they do not last forever and require replacement components and upgrades. 

After more than 30 years of reliable service assuring the safety and strength of lifting tackle for our customers, one of our 50 tonne test machines required an updated loadcell. Nobles engineers and electronics technicians collaborated to design, manufacture and NATA calibrate the new componentry (pictured) which will now look forward to an extensive further service life in our machine.