Nobles have a team of highly qualified lifting engineers with decades of experience in the industry. Below are some examples of the work our team of engineers have completed over the years based on individual customer requirements.

First Aid Boxes

The Nobles First Aid Box is design registered with Worksafe and complies with AS1418.17-1996 as a workbox. Additionally, it also complies with the requirements of the Qld Tower Crane Code Of Practice 2017 (PN12040), which has some important differences including:

  • Greater minimum length, width and height dimensions than a standard workbox,
  • Roof mesh plus top to bottom side mesh (excluding an allowable gap size at mid-section),
  • Specific first aid signage.


However the Nobles First Aid Box includes important additional features:

  • An emergency escape hatch at the rear in case of blocked door,
  • The self-closing door opens outwards for ease of stretcher use,
  • The door also self-latches in 2 places for operator piece of mind.


Nobles offers options of standard or premium paint spec with Materials Data Record (MDR Pack).

Goods-Lifting Devices

Nobles Engineering design and supply goods-lifting devices for offshore platform applications, such as “shuttle-bins”. These units can be customised to suit particular customer requirements, including internal compartment configurations for stowage of equipment, as well as customised surface finish. The above unit was supplied complete with a comprehensive Manufacture Data Report reflecting inspection points throughout the design and manufacturing process, including NATA proof load testing to EN12079.1-2010.



Lifting and Recovery Blocks

Nobles Engineering was sub-contracted to design and manufacture a series of lifting and recovery blocks for heavy to medium vehicle recovery and a 10-tonne spreader beam for the Australian Defence Force. Each of the blocks had stringent design specifications that included target weight, break force, size, applications and extreme durability. The original specification blocks were unable to meet the demands and standards of the ADF or Australian Standard (AS 2089-2008). Nobles Engineering was able to offer an alternative which met these demands.

Nobles applied our experience, knowledge and innovative manufacturing techniques to meet the design brief. After a rigorous process of generating drawings, creating prototypes and passing field trials, our engineering team built the final products.

It was a key requirement that the blocks undergo destructive testing which was done inhouse by Nobles on their 1,000 tonne test bed to prove the blocks suitability. Each one convincingly exceeding their rating requirements and further testing took place to see how far the blocks could be pushed. When each block component was finally destroyed, they each exceeded their designed breaking load by an incredible 50%, proving that these blocks would never let anyone down in the field.

Nobles beat global competition, using Australian world-class manufacturing, our expertise in metallurgy, mechanical engineering design and extensive knowledge of local standards was able to fulfil the customer's strict brief within a tight time frame and budget.

Custom Test Weights

Nobles can engineer and supply customised configurable test weights that are load tested to applicable Australian Standards. This customised test weight was designed and supplied to our customer who required stackable concrete test weights for multi-functional testing purposes.





Bogger Blocks

Nobles engineering supplied 55t bogger blocks which are designed as a recovery block in mining operations. Bogger blocks are used to form part of a block and tackle arrangement which can exert a pulling force up to 55 tonnes. Additionally, these are available with breastplates (pictured) to provide a complete solution for underground mining operations. These units are supplied complete with NATA proof load certificates, tested to 110 tonnes in Nobles 1000t capacity test bed.


Stocked Engineered Products

Nobles designs, engineers and manufactures a range of standard products lines, as well as customised engineered solutions from concept through to product supply. Examples of stocked engineered products include the 10t and 16t swivel self-locking hook with safety handle, M56 25t jaw-jaw rigging screws and 6t weighted crane swivel hook blocks. All engineered products are proof load tested inhouse by Nobles, we also have inhouse load testing capability up to 1000t on our 30m test bed. We welcome any enquiries for conducting load testing and destructive testing up to 1000t.