Nobles open for business during Victoria’s Stage 4 COVID-19 Restrictions in Melbourne

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Pursuant to Victorian Government’s COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions, Nobles Melbourne operations based at Dandenong is to remain open for on-site work with a COVID Safe Plan.

Nobles is an ancillary business involved in the production, supply, manufacture, repair, maintenance, distribution, transport and sale of equipment, goods and services necessary for the operations of the permitted work sites under the Restrictions, including:

- Agriculture and forestry

- Mining, including oil & gas extraction

- Manufacturing, including food & beverage, chemicals, aluminium, cement & lime, pulp & paper, plastics, transport equipment (critical to public transport service)

- Electricity, gas, water and wastewater services

- Construction and infrastructure including to support residential building, critical infrastructure public works and services to support these construction projects via crane operators and building contractors

- Transport and warehousing, including ports and shipping lines

- Hardware for trade only (crane operators, rigging professionals), via telephone sales and delivery as well as a small trade counter on site

- Technical services for statutory safety compliance obligations including field hazard monitoring, inspection and repairs of critical lifting equipment (on both Open and Closed customer sites)

While Nobles has already put in place a comprehensive set of precautions to prevent against the spread of COVID-19 at all locations nationwide (see here), we have also developed specific COVID SAFE plans for its Dandenong operations in Victoria.

These plans include mandatory mask wearing and strict physical separation of personnel performing different functions to minimise the probability and impact of any potential community transmission of COVID-19.  All staff who can are now working from home and field technicians are practising social distancing.  All customer goods are being shipped via regular carriers which have social distancing plans in place.

The COVID SAFE plan for its Dandenong site and field technicians can be accessed here.

Nobles Melbourne is open for business for telephone, email and trade counter sales.  Please contact us on 1300 711 559 or or visit our product catalogue to order online.