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Concrete Lifting Clutches

  • SwiftLift Concrete Lifting Clutches have been exclusively designed and approved for use with Reid SwiftLift Anchors.
  • They are available in a range of Working Load Limits.
  • They have been designed so that they cannot spontaneously disengage whilst the system is under load at any orientation, provided they are connected to the head of the correct anchor in the recess. When the lift is complete and the load released, the clutch is quickly and simply disengaged.
  • Identification markings are required for the SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye to comply with AS 3850 – 2003.
  • The SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye must be proof load tested every 12 months in accordance with AS 3850–2003.
  • The SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye has a FOS (factor of safety) of no less than 5 in accordance with AS 3850 – 2003.




Concrete Lifting Clutches Rigging

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