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Fork Type Pallet Lifter

The Fork Type Pallet Lifter is used for transportation of pallets in a manner similar to that of a standard forklift but where forklift access is unavailable. Fork Type Pallet Lifters are typically used on overhead travelling cranes and are particularly useful when quick connection to the load is required such as when moving goods on a warehouse floor or when loading or unloading a flat bed truck under a crane.

Method of Operation
Nobles Fork Type Pallet Lifters have an adjustable position lifting link on the top arm. To move an empty pallet lifter this lug is placed in the rearward position, where empty lifter balance is achieved. Once the lifter is correctly oriented beneath a palletised load the lug is placed in a position to achieve a balanced lift.

Other Uses
Fork type pallet lifters can be used for loads other than pallets such as steel plate, long loads using two lifters, stillages etc. Custom pallet fork type devices can be made in various sizes to suit different applications. In any case care must be taken to ensure that the load is even and balanced and replicates the distributed loading of a pallet upon the tynes of the lifter.


Nobles Fork Type Pallet Lifter-Care in Use

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