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Gas Bottle Trolleys

Nobles Oxy and Acetylene Trolleys are designed for versatility with the needs of boilermakers in mind. The trolleys have provision for handling by crane or forklift and have handles positioned for easy manoeuvring.

Each cylinder is retained via a 35mm, 1500kg webbing tie down strap or an integrated frame and is held at the base within steel rings to prevent any slippage.

The NZOATR and NZOPTR trolleys feature a telescopic lift point. The telescopic lift point enables the crane hook to clear delicate gas regulators and fittings when the trolley is suspended. When the trolley is not suspended the lift point is lower and integral to the handle. This prevents the risk of facial injury when tilting and pushing.

Standard finish is painted yellow but hot dip galvanised finish is also available.


Nobles Gas Bottle Trolley-Care in Use

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