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Nitchi EC-4

Nitchi's Economy models feature high reliability, easy maintenance, and an affordable price so that they can be used in various industrial applications.

Fully enclosed structure that ensures superb air tightness
This series has a robust steel frame that securely holds a load, along with a main frame and a cover that are both highly resistant to dust and water (IP54-compliant).

Strong load chain
Made of a special alloy, the load chain with hardened surface can offer the strength, durability, and precision that are required by electric chain hoists.

Stable operation that minimizes the swing of a load
Designed to facilitate the smooth flow of a load chain, this series ensures steady hoisting.

Easy plug-in cabling
The series employs a simple plug-in cable connection. The twin-hook suspension types are already cabled prior to shipment and can be used right after unpacking. The electric trolley also uses a plug-in connection for simple wiring.

Electric control through a magnetic switch
Electric control is conducted using a reliable electromagnetic switch. Three-phase models run on low voltage (24V) to ensure work safety.

A wide variety of optional items
1. Current-detecting overload protector
 (not compatible with two-speed types)
2. Negative phase protector
3. Emergency stop (power on/off)

Reliable brake system
The brake system that has already proven highly reliable in the EC Series ensures stable braking performance and a long service life.

Over-winding/lowering protector
The series comes standard with an over-winding/lowering protector.

Low-noise and smooth operation
All models in this series employ helical gears to achieve low-noise operation. (Noise reduced by 3 dBA compared to Nitchi's previous models.)

  • EC Model is standard hook suspended model
  • ECJ Model is the hook suspended model with two falls of chain
  • ECT Model is the hook suspended two speed model
  • ECE Model has a motorised electric trolley


Power Chain Hoists-Care in Use

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