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Nitchi Hoists

Nobles April Clearance specials feature the high quality Japanese-made Nitchi hoists!

Our April specials include the MH5 and EC electric hoist range, the RB5 lever hoist range and the HE50A and H50A chain block ranges from Nitchi.

Nitchi Electric Hoists MH5

The MH-5 Series electric hoist from Nitchi can be used with various optional items, including an overload protection unit, a radio unit, and an inverter.  This hoist comes with mechanical brake, load sheave and chain guide, over-winding protector, negative phase protector, oil bath lubrication system and 24V low-voltage control circuit.

Nitchi Electric Hoists EC

Economy models feature high reliability, easy maintenance, and an affordable price so that they can be used in various industrial applications.  Complete with a full enclosed structure that ensures superb air tightness, strong load chain, stable operation that minimises the swing of a load, easy plug-in cabling electric control through a magnetic switch, reliable brake system and low noise for smooth operation.

Nitchi Lever Hoists RB5

The Nitchi RB-5 Lever Hoist features Nitchi’s legendary high quality, compactness, durability, super-smooth operation, light weight and low effort. The RB-5 is Nitchi’s latest model lever hoist and it has unique WLL ratings. The ratings are higher than the traditional lever hoist ratings of 750 kg, 1,500 kg and 3,000 kg.

Nitchi Chain Block HE50A & H50A

 Like the HE-50A series of chain hoist the H-50A is also compact and lightweight. The H-50A also features Nitchi's legendary durability and toughness. Double cover protection, load chain, load brake, reduction gear, hooks and load sheave characteristics are also consistent with the HE-50A series.

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