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Nitchi RB5 Lever Hoists

The Nitchi RB-5 Lever Hoist features Nitchi’s legendary high quality, compactness, durability, super-smooth operation, light weight and low effort. The RB-5 is Nitchi’s latest model lever hoist and it has unique WLL ratings. The ratings are higher than the traditional lever hoist ratings of 750 kg, 1,500 kg and 3,000 kg.

The RB-5 is manufactured with the durable and robust construction Nitchi products are renowned for. The durability will ensure long use with lower maintenance and repair costs. 

Compact and Lightweight
The refined well-balanced, compact, lightweight design of RB-5 is the result of high quality materials together with the latest technology.

Overload Protection

All Nitchi hoists that Nobles stock are fitted with overload protection (OLP). Nitchi overload protection is factory set to 125% of the WLL and is achieved by using a special friction clutch disc hub on the lever hoist and a special friction clutch hand wheel on the chain hoist. The hoist will not lift the load if the load is in excess of 125% of the WLL but the brake will continue to function normally. The hoist will resume normal operation when the load is reduced to less than 125% of the WLL.


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