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Nobl-O-Tech Round Slings

NOBL-O-TECH Round Slings are manufactured in the Netherlands for Nobles and are fully compliant with Australian Standard 4497. Each sling is proof load tested at manufacture and a test certificate is packaged with the sling.

NOBL-O-TECH round slings feature a "protected tag" with the majority of the sling tag hidden underneath a section of the cover. This ensures the tag is protected during service but the cover can be easily pulled back to check the tag details such as sling load capacities, date of manufacture, date put into service and serial numbers. Round Sling tags have traditionally been exposed and it was common for the tags to become detached during service. In many instances this would lead to the premature retirement of an otherwise serviceable sling.

NOBL-O-TECH round slings also feature our unique polyurethane impregnated high twisted yarn cover for superior abrasion resistance and extended service life.

The table below lists the common size round slings, other capacities and lengths are also held in stock. We stock numerous lengths in the capacities above 10 tonne. Please inquire with our Customer Service Team. 

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