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NOBLE10™ Clevis Self-Locking Hook

NOBLE10™ Grade 100 chain fittings are manufactured to Australian Standard AS3776.

Sourced from the highest quality material and rigorously tested, the NOBLE10™ Grade 100 Self-Locking Hook closes and locks automatically and cannot open when under load.

The clevis connection removes the need for a connecting link as the hook will connect directly to the chain.


* Warning! - Incompatible chain sling components may create a hazard by improperly functioning or failing in service (refer AS3775.2-2014 clause 6.3). Before use, a competent person shall ensure that all chain slings and components (including the shorteners) are compatible and that they fit properly without overcrowding. If in doubt – please consult A. Noble & Son Ltd. for advice before proceeding.



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