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Pallet Bars

Pallet Bars are available separately for general lifting and have a WLL of 2 tonne per pair. Care should be taken to ensure bars are secure when used for lifting without the top frame. For stability, end hooks are provided to keep the bars spread apart. Other methods of spreading the bars may not be sufficiently secure to ensure safety. In such cases an alternative pallet bar arrangement may be required.

Bars without stabilising hooks can be supplied for tasks where alternative methods of ensuring security are provided.

Standard bars for use without frame are intended for standard pallets which have outer frames of nominal size 49 x 99 x 1165mm. This should include most major brand name pallets.

Other Products
Pallet bars for special environments (e.g. offshore use), and products which work like pallet bars for lifting loads other than pallets can also be supplied.

Minimum Load Width
Pallet bars are designed for lifting pallets which distribute the load on the bars. This allows the use of smaller sections that are easier to handle and fit a wider variety of pallet openings. It is important that a point load (or a load that is too narrow) is not applied to the bars, as this will cause failure. To guard against this, our pallet bars are stamped with a specified "minimum load width". The minimum load width for standard pallet bars and frame or standard pallet bars only is 900mm.

Galvanised finish is available if required. Slings are not included as standard but can be supplied on request.


Nobles Pallet Bars-Care in Use

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