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PLGW-SN Eyenut

Pewag’s new PLGW-SN lifting eye nut is the logical continuance to the PLGW. This product has tool-free installationn and is used in those areas where a threaded bolt on the load is used instead of a simple thread. Furthermore, there is a possibility to mount the lifting point PLGW-SN with a commercially available (standard) bolt through the clearance hole. The benefit of the PLGW-SN is that no matter the width of the load, the same lifting point can be used – all one needs are standard bolts with different lengths.
Further benefits of the PLGW-SN lifting points are:

  • tools are not necessary for assembling or disassembling
  • the time saving aspect especially when frequent (dis)assembling takes place
  • rotatable (load direction adjustment)
  • loadable in all directions

If necessary or desired, this system’s nut can also be tightened using a ring spanner. Every lifting point in the PLGW-SN series is labelled with the permitted load carrying capacity, the thread size and an individual serial number. The operating instructions delivered with the product contain general advice as well as a table with the permitted carrying capacity according to the type, number of chain legs and sling leg angle.

This new lifting point has been designed, manufactured and certified by Pewag according to the latest industry standards and norms.

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