Combination Beams

Nobles Combination Beams are available in various styles to provide you with maximum versatility. Combination Beams can be used as either a lifting or spreading beam.

Our design team benefits from 100 years of experience, and all aspects are considered to ensure ease of use, durability and reliability.

Our beams are available with a variety of finishes, from galvanised, painted or powder coated. Our finishes are applied while the beam is fully dismantled, ensuring the best possible result. 

Our Combination Beams are designed for maximum adjustment and flexibility so your beam can be adjusted to suit your needs on site.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # WLL Spreading (max. tonnes) WLL Lifting (max. tonnes) Range (mm) Weight (kg)
2.1-3.6m AS4991-DG 8.6t Galvanised Nobles 3SB 3 Piece Telescopic Spreader Beam 28371 8.6 1.6 2100 - 3600 85
Spreader Beam 3 Piece Telescopic 10t 26744 10 1.6 2000 - 3200 85
Spreader Beam 3 Piece 2.5-4.5m 26747 25 0 2500 - 4000 380