Container Spreader Beams

Our Container Spreader Beams are designed to survive the demanding conditions of container handling, with attention to quality materials, durable lugs and ease of use.

Designed to suit either 20' or 40' shipping containers, when coupled with our tested sling assemblies and container hooks, our Container Spreader Beams will last the distance.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # WLL (tonnes) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
Spreader Beam Container 46t 27336 46 2.8 220
Spreader Beam Container 35.6t Drawing #SG040 27226 35.6 2.8 160
Spreader Beam Container 28.5t Drawing #SG039 26991 28.5 2.8 130
2563mm AS4991-DG 5.2t Galvanised Nobles Standard Fixed Container Spreader 28535 5.2 2.8