Fulmer Tension Meter

The Fulmer Tension Meter allows a rapid tension measurement of fixed or stationary Rope, Rod or Cable. The portable hand held instrument clamps onto the cable exerting a force, and measures the deflection.

Suitable for use on steel wire ropes, natural and man made fibre cord, covered or uncovered ropes, combination ropes, twines and metal rods.

Applications Include:

  • Equalise loadings on multi cable assemblies
  • Tension to specific loads for optimum performance safety or ensure specifications are met.
  • Safety, Performance & Condition Monitoring of:
  • Aerial Mast Stays
  • Fishing Ropes
  • Aircraft Support Cables
  • Oil Rig Support Cables
  • Overhead Cables
  • Lifts and Cable Cars
  • Cranes and General Engineering
  • Mining
  • Architectural Rigging
  • Ships Rigging

Operation Tension is measured by engaging the meter on the loaded member and exerting a deflecting force by a half turn of the handle.

The reaction to the deflecting force acts upon the frame, causing it to bend to an extent that is proportional to the tension in the member. This is read out on the indicator incorporated in the Tension Meter.

The actual tension or load is obtained from the calibration graph.
The Tension Meter must be calibrated with the same type, size and construction of rope, rod or cable.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Description Suits Wire Size (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
Fulmer Tension Meter 03L Special Order Suits elevator hoisting ropes 8 - 24 460 3
Fulmer Tension Meter 03G Special Order Improves accuracy at lower cable tensions 6 - 19 460 3
05C Fulmer Tension meter, Rope/Strand diameter 8 mm to 30 mm, max tension 10t-one calibration 29533 Heavy duty for large cables and higher tensions 6 - 31 560 3
03C Fulmer Tension meter, Rope/Strand diameter 5 mm to 19 mm, max tension 3t-one calibration 29534 General purpose multi usage suited for radio and tv mast stays 5 - 20 460 3