Galvanised Strand

Galvanised Strand is commonly used for guys on communication towers, broadcasting towers, power poles and as load carrying members in building structures.

Galvanised Strand is less flexible than wire rope, it is stronger and has a higher modulus of elasticity. It can also be furnished with a Class A galvanised finish.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # MBL (kN) Mass (kg/m)
Strand 10mm 1X19 B Gr1570 18094 88 0.504
Strand 12mm 1X19 B Gr1570 12172 126 0.726
Strand 14mm 1X19 B Gr1570 16157 172 0.988
Strand 16mm 1X19 B Gr1570 15896 210 1.29
Strand 18mm 1X19 B Gr1570 15732 265 1.63
Strand 20mm 1X19 B Gr1570 13421 368 2.12
Strand 22mm 1X19 B Gr1570 13322 442 2.55
Strand 24mm 1X19 B Gr1570 16918 518 3.99