Grade 70 Chain Kits

8mm x 6m and 8mm x 9m Restraint-Mate chain assemblies are available pre-packed in convenient carry boxes.

Restraint-Mate chain assemblies are fitted with cradle grab hooks to provide a 100% rating as per AS/NZS 4344. The bending and shearing effect on the chain link of standard grab hooks (without cradle or wings) can reduce the lashing capacity of the system by up to 25%. No reduction of the lashing capacity is required with Nobles Restraint-Mate cradle grab hooks.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Chain Size (mm) Length (m) Lashing capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
8mm 9m Gr70 Restraint Mate Chain In Bucket 29760 8 9 3800 13.98
8mm 6m Gr70 Restraint Mate Chain In Bucket 29759 8 6 3800 9.6