Ice Blue Rope

Ice Blue is a high tenacity polyethylene rope with high strength and excellent abrasion resistance (15% higher breaking strength than PE Silver Staple). Like silver staple the rope is hairy which enables good grip and has high ultra-violet light resistance making it useful in numerous applications for lashing and general purpose.
Fibre rope has been common in the transport industry for many years and is still widely used. Ice Blue rope is only recommended on relatively light loads and is not suitable for heavy loads. Rope is usually attached to the tie off rails and tensioned using knots. To be effective the knot must be correctly tied. Be aware that rope is susceptible to relaxing during transport as the load shifts or settles.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Size (mm) Standard Coil Length (m) Breaking Load (kg) Weight per m
Rope Ice Blue 6mm Staple Polyethylene Film 18232 6 250 435 0.018
Rope Ice Blue 8mm Staple Polyethylene Film 12225 8 250 716 0.031
Rope Ice Blue 10mm Staple Polyethylene Film 18688 10 250 1080 0.049
Rope Ice Blue 12mm Staple Polyethylene Film 15660 12 250 1460 0.07
Rope Ice Blue 14mm Staple Polyethylene Film 11003 14 250 1650 0.096
Rope Ice Blue 16mm Staple Polyethylene Film 15278 16 250 2400 0.125