Indirect Loadbinders

Nobles Restraint-Mate load binders are drop forged and heat treated for high strength, the hooks swivel 360 degrees for easy positioning and application and each load binder is individually proof load tested at manufacture.

Supplied with instructions. The INDIRECT load binder is designed to reduce handle "whip" when releasing a tensioned load binder. Indirect load binders reduce whip with a double action release that limits the lever movement.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Suits Chain Size (mm) Lashing Capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
Load Binder Lever Indirect 8mm Gr70 With Cradle Grab Hooks 14413 8 3800 4.2
Load Binder Lever Indirect 10mm Gr70 With Cradle Grab Hooks 15046 10 6000 6.1
Load Binder Lever Indirect 13mm Gr70 With Cradle Grab Hooks 13653 13 9000 6.3