Load Cell Pins

Load Cell Pins are a speciality of Nobles Electronics Division and we regularly manufacture application specific pins. All load cell pins are made to order as each one is different in regard to configuration, capacity and dimensions.

Load Cell Pins are available with rated loads 2 tonne to 1,000 tonne.

The field-proven load measuring pins offer an alternative solution in addition to exhibiting the following advantages.

  • Simple exchange with existing shafts or pivots without alterations to the construction.
  • Complete protection of the transducer by the bearings.
  • No reduction in the lifting height.
  • The function of these strain gauge measuring pins depends on the determination of shear forces which are introduced into the measuring element by suitable design and arrangement.

Selection and Application
Unlike the majority of measuring devices, a Load Measuring Pin can be fitted or retrofitted without the need for expensive modifications or fittings. The pin is strain gauged in two shear planes.