Nitchi HE50A Chain Hoists

Compact and Lightweight
The robust steel construction gives the HE-50A its lightweight and compact size for and the advantages of convenient portability, easy installation and simple relocation. The exceptional short headroom (when the bottom hook is in its highest position) permits the highest possible lift where the last cm of lift must be obtained.

Reduction Gears and Load Sheave
The HE-50A reduction gears are made of chromium molybdenum steel and the load sheave is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron and both are precision machined and exclusively heat-treated. These materials and special heat-treating processes have already proven themselves to be remarkably tough and wear resistant on the reduction gears.

Load Chain
Nitchi's long experience in manufacturing material handling equipment including chain hoists and their chains and years of development have enabled them to produce the new high grade super-tough heavy-duty load chains for the HE-50A, which conforms with the JIS B 8812-1981 and also with corresponding ISO standards. HE-50A load chains are made of special alloy steel, exclusively heat treated for high elongation, high tensile strength and high resistance against wear.

When durability is taken into consideration the HE-50A is in a class of its own. Tests have proven that the durability of the HE-50A clearly exceeds the former H-40, which was a legend in its own era for its durability and ruggedness.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Overload Protection WLL (tonnes) Lift Height (m) Pulling Effort at WLL (kgf) Load Chain Dia (mm) Number of Falls Minimum Head Room C (mm) A (mm) B (mm) F (mm) Weight (kg)
Chain Hoist Nitchi HE50A 500kg 3m With Overload Protection 14359 Yes 0.5 3 25 5 1 260 138 138 24 8
Chain Hoist Nitchi HE50A 500kg 6m With Overload Protection 16012 Yes 0.5 6 25 5 1 260 138 138 24 10.5
Chain Hoist Nitchi HE50A 1t 3m With Overload Protection 11129 Yes 1 3 27 6.3 1 300 146 159 29 10.6
Chain Hoist Nitchi HE50A 1t 6m With Overload Protection 14424 Yes 1 6 27 6.3 1 300 146 159 29 13
Chain Hoist Nitchi HE50A 2t 3m With Overload Protection 15220 Yes 2 3 40 8 1 380 183 214 35 21
Chain Hoist Nitchi HE50A 2t 6m With Overload Protection 12770 Yes 2 6 40 8 1 380 183 214 35 24.4