Recovery-Mate Basic Recovery Kit


Item Description

  • Snatch Strap; 60mm (8,000 kg) x 9m long Snatch Strap made from 100% high stretch (27.5%) nylon. Straps are rot and mildew resistant and have reinforced eyes.
  • Winch Extension Strap; 50mm (4,500 kg) x 20m long Winch Extension Strap made from 100% low stretch polyester. Straps have reinforced eyes.
  • Shackles; 2 x 16mm Grade S bow shackles. 3.25 tonne WLL.
  • Bag; Heavy canvas bag including pockets for each strap, loops to secure shackles and velcro closure

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Weight (kg)
Recovery Kit Recovery Mate Basic 23187 7.9