Recovery-Mate Winch Extension Straps

Nobles Recovery-Mate winch extension straps are made from 100% low stretch polyester and have reinforced eyes.

Nobles RECOVERY-MATE Winch Extension Straps are manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards. A winch extension strap is a useful accessory for any 4WD that ventures off road. Polyester has low stretch and is both lightweight and durable. The Recovery-Mate winch extension strap has a 4,500kg breaking load and is designed to extend the length of your winch wire rope enabling greater flexibility and increased options for vehicle recovery.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Minimum Breaking Load (kg) Width (mm) Length (m) Weight (kg)
Winch Extension Strap 50mm 4.5t 10m 17466 4500 50 10 1.8
Winch Extension Strap 50mm 4.5t 20m 19244 4500 50 20 3.5
Winch Extension Strap 50mm 30m 16486 4500 50 30 5.3