Rig-Mate Magnetic Lifters

RIG-MATE permanent magnetic lifters are used for lifting and handling plate or cylinder-form work pieces of ferromagnetic materials. As with all RIG-MATE products the RGL series magnets have a compact and durable design. RGL series magnets are made from NdFeB permanent magnet, which generates very high holding power in the magnetic circuit.

Features of RIG-MATE Permanent Magnetic Lifters:

  • Use of high-energy magnetic material ensures a compact, lightweight and durable design
  • Maximum Breakaway force is 3.5 times the WLL
  • Simple locking switch handle enables safe, quick and easy one-handed operation with no "Kick Back"
  • Very low residual magnetism for quick and efficient handling of work pieces
  • Large shackle top fitting for easy attachment of slings and rigging
  • V slot in bottom lifting face for lifting rounds as well as flats
  • Clear markings of derations for varying shaped work pieces, lifting conditions, air gap, steel thickness etc.
  • Individually fully proof load tested at manufacture

NOTE: Do not attempt to turn handle unless the magnet is on ferromagnetic material. The turning of the control handle changes the orientation of the pole-core engaging and disengaging the magnet in the ON or OFF positions. 

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # Rated WLL Holding Force (kgf) Maximum Breakaway Force (kgf) B (mm) L (mm) H (mm) R (mm) Weight (kg)
Magnetic Lifter 100kg Rigmate 14275 100 350 62 92 67 126 3
Magnetic Lifter 300kg Rigmate 16420 300 1050 92 162 91 150 10
Magnetic Lifter 600kg Rigmate 17717 600 2100 122 232 117 196 24
Magnetic Lifter 1t Rigmate 16063 1000 3500 176 258 163 284 50
Magnetic Lifter 2t Rigmate 15520 2000 7000 234 378 212 426 125
Magnetic Lifter 3t Rigmate 13388 3000 10500 286 458 264 521 220