Stainless Steel Wire Ropes

Nobles stock a range of stainless steel wire ropes as per the below table. 7x19 is available from 2 to 12mm diameter with 316 grade being preferred. 304 Grade is also available in the common sizes however. 7x7 is available in 1.6, 2, 3 and 4mm. 1x19 is ideal for fixed rigging applications and is also available in 316 grade but stocked only in 3 and 4mm.

7x19 is the most common and versatile construction of stainless steel wire rope. It consists of 7 strands each with 19 wires and is the most flexible and the easiest construction to work with particularly where the rope needs to turn corners, change directions or where ferrule secured thimble eyes and wire rope grips are used. 7x19 can be used in either fixed rigging or for limited working rope applications such as on a boat winch.

7x7 consists of 7 strands each with 7 wires and is not as flexible as 7x19. 7x7 is an excellent choice for fixed rigging applications such as balustrading and safety barrier rails. Although 7x7 is stiffer than 7x19 it is still capable of limited angles and can be used with thimble eyes or swage fittings. 7x7 has very limited applications as a running or working rope.

1x19 consists of a single strand with 19 wires. 1 x 19 is very stiff and is suitable for fixed "straight line" rigging only such as mast stays, guy ropes and structural applications. It cannot be used with thimble eyes and is best utilised and looks very effective with machine swaged end fittings.

Product Specifications

Name ITEM # MBL (kg) Mass (kg/m)
S/S Wire Rope 1.6mm 7X7 Gr316 17694 153 0.0108
S/S Wire Rope 2mm 7X19 Gr316 10226 230 0.0167
S/S Wire Rope 2mm 7X7 Gr316 14851 250 0.0166
S/S Wire Rope 3mm 7X19 Gr316 17732 540 0.0363
S/S Wire Rope 3mm 1X19 Gr316 12647 760 0.0459
S/S Wire Rope 3mm 7X7 Gr316 10109 760 0.0371
S/S Wire Rope 4mm 7X7 Gr316 18721 920 0.0682
S/S Wire Rope 4mm 7X19 Gr316 18178 968 0.0628
S/S Wire Rope 4mm 7X19 Gr304 19027 1089 0.065
S/S Wire Rope 4mm 1X19 Gr316 11372 1331 0.082
S/S Wire Rope 5mm 7X19 Gr316 18851 1619 0.098
S/S Wire Rope 5mm 7X19 Gr304 15420 1820 0.1025
S/S Wire Rope 6mm 7X19 Gr316 11961 1910 0.1464
S/S Wire Rope 6mm 7X19 Gr304 19063 2480 0.1464
S/S Wire Rope 8mm 7X19 Gr316 19164 3400 0.2561
S/S Wire Rope 10mm 7X19 sZ Gr316 13911 5250 0.3924
S/S Wire Rope 12mm 7X19 Gr316 11726 8208 0.5644