Wire Rope Slings

Nobles manufacture wire rope slings to your requirements, whether for regular routine use, or for a one-off lift. Standard 6x36 IWRC B 1960 Grade wire rope slings can be manufactured with thimble or soft eyes in custom lengths across a range of wire rope diameters from 8 to 44mm. See attached WLL table.

We also offer a full range of options for wire rope assemblies and slings including master links, various eye and end terminations with hooks or shackles etc at the bottom. Nobles can also manufacture 4 legged wire rope slings to DNV 2.7-1 and hand spliced and flemish eye slings as required.

For big lift slings, Nobles has 1,000 tonne testing facilities capable of applying a load over 35m in length, and a 2,500 tonne wire rope swaging press for ferrule secured slings up to 75mm wire rope, making us the leaders in large wire rope sling supply in Australia.