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Recovery-Mate 4WD Recovery Strops

Nobles RECOVERY-MATE Heavy-Duty Rubber Coated Snatch Strops are made in Australia and are ideal for recovery operations of 4wd and light commercial vehicles. These Snatch Strops are made from high strength, load bearing Nylon 6.6 fibres which are encased in a durable cut and abrasion resistant rubber.

RECOVERY-MATE Strops are tough enough for the most arduous of recovery or towing operations and are available with either a soft eye or thimble eye each end for easy attachment to tow points, shackles or hooks etc. RECOVERY-MATE Strops are also easy to handle as they have an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Special features of Nobles RECOVERY-MATE Nylon Strops:

  • Durable rubber cover resists cutting and abrasion and the high strength Nylon fibre core has excellent inherent stretch characteristics (up to 20%) and this assists in recovery operations
  • Each strop has the capacity clearly marked on an attached tag and has an individual serial number ensuring traceability through the Nobles Quality System
  • The soft eyes and relative light weight and flexibility of the strops allow for easy and flexible installations in difficult terrain or areas where access is tight or awkward
  • RECOVERY-MATE strops are virtually maintenance free as the core is sealed against water, oil, dust, grit and other contaminants
  • Excellent durability compared to traditional webbing snatch straps

Maximum GVW is the maximum recommended gross vehicle weight of a severely bogged vehicle for a given tow strop.


Recovery-Mate-Care in Use

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