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Rig-Mate Lever Hoists

RIG-MATE Lever Hoists have been designed and manufactured to conform to Australian Standard 1418.2 and are ideal for a variety of applications across industry.

Special features of RIG-MATE lever hoists include:

  • Aluminium free construction.
  • Automatic double pawl braking system.
  • Lightweight robust construction.
  • Low effort to lift maximum load.
  • Fully forged hooks.
  • Strong cast steel interlocking safety catches.
  • High grade alloy load chain.
  • Extra thick asbestos free friction discs.
  • High profile lever wheel for ease of handling.
  • Freewheeling device for easy lower hook positioning.
  • Stainless steel I.D. plates.
  • Fully proof load tested at manufacture.

Note: approximately 10% of WLL is required for effective operation.


Manual Hoists - Care in Use

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