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Rig-Mate Magnetic Lifters

RIG-MATE permanent magnetic lifters are used for lifting and handling plate or cylinder-form work pieces of ferromagnetic materials. As with all RIG-MATE products the RGL series magnets have a compact and durable design. RGL series magnets are made from NdFeB permanent magnet, which generates very high holding power in the magnetic circuit.

Features of RIG-MATE Permanent Magnetic Lifters:

  • Use of high-energy magnetic material ensures a compact, lightweight and durable design
  • Maximum Breakaway force is 3.5 times the WLL
  • Simple locking switch handle enables safe, quick and easy one-handed operation with no "Kick Back"
  • Very low residual magnetism for quick and efficient handling of work pieces
  • Large shackle top fitting for easy attachment of slings and rigging
  • V slot in bottom lifting face for lifting rounds as well as flats
  • Clear markings of derations for varying shaped work pieces, lifting conditions, air gap, steel thickness etc.
  • Individually fully proof load tested at manufacture

NOTE: Do not attempt to turn handle unless the magnet is on ferromagnetic material. The turning of the control handle changes the orientation of the pole-core engaging and disengaging the magnet in the ON or OFF positions. 


Rig-Mate Magnetic Lifters-Care in Use

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