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Rig-Mate Plate Clamps

The Nobles RIG-MATE Vertical Plate Clamp is designed as a standard plate clamp for the lifting and turning of steel plate, steel structures such as H and I beams and the lifting of steel pipes etc. As with all RIG-MATE products the clamp has a durable and lightweight design. The clamp operates by the use of positive clamping force that increases in ratio to the weight of the load lifted. 

The clamp has a safety lock to ensure:

  • Positive clamping at the commencement of a lift
  • Safeguard against the clamp disengaging if the load sling becomes slack due to the lifted item coming into contact with the floor of any other object.

RIG-MATE vertical plate clamps include:

  • Fully forged body.
  • Grip ranges and WLL hard stamped into body.
  • Safety locking mechanism.
  • Heat treated cam and pad to ensure long-life and resist wear.
  • Proof load tested at manufacture.
  • Complies with AS 4991.


Rig-Mate Vertical Plate Clamps-Care in Use

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