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Riggers Handbook 2020

This 2020 edition of Nobles Riggers Handbook has been fully revised and updated with the latest and most relevant information on lifting and rigging equipment.

This handbook has been produced to meet a widespread demand by Business Operators, Riggers, Crane Drivers and Engineers for lifting gear information which can be easily carried around on the job. The handbook does not cover every kind and size of lifting gear but concentrates on the most common items available through Nobles Australia-wide locations. Basic dimensions, specifications, inspection before use and care in use information have been included.

In addition to information about Nobles range of products and services we have included related Australian Standards information such as methods of lifting, minimum breaking load tables and sling Working Load Limit (WLL) charts. For more detailed product specifications and up to date product and use information refer to the relevant Australian Standard or see our product catalogue.

Nobles 2020 Riggers Handbook has been added to our RIGGERS-MATE App. Simply click the Riggers Handbook button from the navigation menu in our App and you will have access to all the information in the palm of your hand. 

To access Nobles Riggers Handbook, please click here.

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