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Superplast 8

Boom hoist rope for mobile cranes and grabs, hoist rope for container cranes, floating cranes, portal cranes, etc. and for various offshore applications. In multiple part reeving for smaller lifting heights, twin hoist systems with left and right hand ropes for greater lifting heights, where rotation resistant ropes are not required. 

  • Is a 10 strand rope made out of compacted outer strands.
  • Is fully lubricated.
  • Has a plastic layer between the steel core and the outer strands giving the rope a high structural stability. The plastic layer also assists in avoiding internal rope destruction and protecting the core against corrosive environments.
  • Has a very high breaking load and good resistance against drum crushing.
  • Superplast 8 should NOT be used with a swivel.
  • Regular Lay or Langs Lay.

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