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SWL 500kg – 4 Person First Aid Box

  • Meets Australian Standard AS1418.17-1996: Design and Construction of Workboxes as well as Worksafe Qld Tower Crane Code Of Practice PN12040.
  • Includes Self-Closing and Self-Latching Gate at both floor and side.
  • Includes Rear Escape Hatch.
  • Worksafe Design Registration  No: Q29717.


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Standard Version

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Premium Version - With heavy duty paint specification
suitable for oil & gas industry and MDR pack

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The first aid box is equipped with a front door which has been designed to be both self-closing and self-latching. The door is outward opening to enable ease of use with a stretcher. The door includes both horizontal and vertcal spring latches for operator piece of mind. Both latches should be secured prior to lifting of the first aid box.

Emergency Hatch

The first aid box is equipped with a hatch which is hinged at the top rear of the box and is intended to be used for emergency egress only. Spring latches are included at both sides to prevent the hatch opening inadvertently. The latches should only be disengaged in an emergency when egress from the first aid box via the door is impeded.

Harness Anchors

The stretcher workbox is equipped with 4 harness anchor points, at the top corners of the first aid box. This design does not require personnel to use fall arrest harnesses as the first aid box is enclosed, however, if harnesses are used they must not be attached to handrails or infill of any type on any personnel cage as these components are not capable of sustaining the necessary loads. 

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