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William Hackett ATEX-L4 Lever Hoist

The William Hackett ATEX-L4 lever hoist is manufactured in accordance with EN13157 which requires that it can be used within an operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C.

The design and specification of the William Hackett ATEX-L4 lever hoist includes:

Corrosion protected: Specific internal components corrosion protected.

Copper plated: Parts include top and bottom hook assemblies, loadchain guides, grip rings and chain stripper.

Loadchain: Supplied with EN818-7 zinc plated loadchain as standard with an option for stainless steel Grade 6 loadchain upon request.

Overload indicator marks: The ATEX-L4 lever hoist top and bottom hooks have, as part of the hook forging, overload indicator marks either side of the hook throat. By measuring the distance between the indicator marks, the hook can be quickly and easily checked to see if any stretch has occurred due to misuse or overloading.

Body cover: Epoxy powder coated.

WLL range: 800 kg to 3.2 tonne.

Hook housing: The ATEX-L4 lever hoist top and bottom hook housings are secured with socket head cap screws/hex head bolts and nyloc locking nuts.

Twin pawl: Double safety; fitted as standard.

Fleeting/cross hauling: The ATEX-L4 lever hoist is tested and certified for fleeting or cross hauling applications up to 45° from the vertical without deration.

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